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Holiday Destination

We wrote 99 Days to Panama (and this website) to encourage others to explore the fascinating places of Central  America. Central America is much less developed for camping than Mexico, but nevertheless, as novice motorhomes, we found it easy to find camping places that were safe and enjoyable.  We mostly boondocked, but here and in the book, we list directions to full or partial-service camping places for those who would rather have the security that goes with staying in established camping places (most of these take tent campers as well).

Cobblestone Street

South America

While we only ventured as far as Panama, we have our sights set on South America.

By the Great Wall of China

China & Tibet

We rented an RV and toured Yunnan and Tibet from Aug. 22 to Sept. 17. 

Highlights are presented below. You can also read Harriet's  articles on this trip which have appeared in Escapees Magazine and New Zealand  Motorhome magazine and Australia Caravan - RV magazine.

We were apparently the first foreigners to rent an RV for this trip.  The RV Club had to get permits for us to travel in Tibet.  The rental included a driver and gas! The cost was about the same as the rate in  the states without gas.  We also paid for an interpreter.

Shopping for Earrings


Read Harriet's Blog about India coming soon. 

Camel and Pyramids

We went to the Middle East shortly after the "Arab Spring", in March 2011. It was an incredible time to go: no tourists, no lines, and the people were overjoyed to see us!  


We drove all the way from Texas to Panama City, Panama, and back with our dog.  We would like you to feel comfortable about taking your dog with you on a trip like ours. Click here for an article published in the September/October issue of Escapees Magazine telling you how you can take your pet into the countries of Central America.   For more information on forms, etc. check out this site for general info:

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