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Winter Fire


Mexico tested a nuclear device off a remote island causing a massive underwater landslide. The earthquake and tsunami that followed caused half of California to drop beneath the Pacific. Then the
radiation that followed swept over the US contaminating most of the population. Military law drove survivors into camps led by the few who were uncontaminated.

Sally had been spending the weekend in a valley in the San Bernardino mountains in an air pocket that the deadly cloud passed over. Some of these survivors made their way out of the mountain
valley, even Richard, the man Sally thought she could have fallen in love with. Sally stayed with her father learning to survive off the land.

The military were searching for uncontaminated people and ‘rescued’ Sally and her friends. But Sally was not the type who would stay in a camp. She escapes to walk across the country to
find Richard, even though, all these years later, she has no idea if he is going to be at their meeting place. Was this a fantasy in the middle of all the horror, death and destruction? It would take her five years to find out.

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