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  • We had no problems regarding our safety or that of our property.
  • We were careful in that we did not wear jewelry or watches that were worth stealing and carried nothing with us that we thought would tempt anyone.
  • Friends of ours, traveling by rental car in Costa Rica, lost their passports and wallets when they left them in plain view in the back of the car while they went swimming at the beach.  Thieves are opportunists and will take advantage if it is given.  Keep valuables hidden and locked away.  Carry your wallet in your front pocket. If you have a handbag have a good grip on it, particularly in markets.  These are some common sense precautions anywhere.
  • The cash we had on us we were prepared to give up should someone demand it from us. With that in mind we also had our cash in the motorhome stashed in various places. You need a fair bit of cash, as you need it to buy virtually everything, most notably gas. We had about a thousand dollars hidden in such spots as the traditional hollowed out book, in an empty carton in the freezer, and in a peanut and an oatmeal container. The idea was that if anyone nasty demanded money, reaching for one of these and handing over a couple hundred dollars would make them happy. We never needed to put this to the test.
  • Once I was annoyed with a man who climbed up the ladder on back of the RV and looked in the window. I got out and told him in flaming English to get lost. He understood perfectly, and left. No one else tried it.

  • On a couple of occasions we did pay mordida. John crossed a solid white line and was pulled over in Veracruz. The motorcycle cop demanded money and this being our first experience he handed it over. Later we learned to negotiate.
  • I was pulled over and told there was a fine for having the bikes on the front. I just said that it was legal and that I was paying nothing. All that and I hardly speak a work of Spanish. In the end the policia gave up and told us that we must pull over and put the bikes inside. I retrieved our papers and nodded and we continued on our way. We never moved the bikes.
  • Another RV couple we know play dumb, speak no Spanish and donít pay.
  • Just be very careful, especially around Veracruz, and be sure that you donít break any local laws.
  • In general avoid big cities. 
  • We believe our dog was a deterrent to anyone who might have wanted to investigate the vehicle.
  • Whatever you do, donít take any kind of gun south of the U.S. border, and donít carry illegal drugs. Time in jail would not be fun.
  • Most officials we met were friendly people who made us welcome.
  • Honduras has recently been noted as the worst country, be prepared. See Update#74.